This project is the official musicvideo for "Heal Me" by Austrian band KAYOMI.
The video shows the inner world of a character struggling with mental illness, fighting the dark thoughts that continue to pull him down. It ends witha ray of hope.
The client KAYOMI approached me with the request for a lyric video and the deadline due in one month. However, since I've always wanted to make an animated music video, I proposed the idea of making a super roughly but fully animated video that supports the message that they wanted to convey in their song.
I directed and animated the whole project myself. Since from the beginning there wasn't a lot of time, I kept the animation rough and simple. I went for a riso-print-look using my own hand-made paper texture, which helps bring together the wiggly shapes and flat colors and gives the video
a unique touch.

Software used: Adobe Animate
Music by KAYOMI

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